POSEJDON Center - our truly extraordinary building project is characterized by a number of interesting engineering solutions. For cooling and heating the facility, approx. 800 kW of cooling energy is obtained from the ground by using probes drilled to a depth of 300 meters. Evaporative cooling towers use the natural process of cooling the water as it evaporates to provide another 1,600 kW of energy. The source of cheap thermal energy is only one of the elements of the entire system. The rest is made up of a set of almost a thousand indoor water / air heat pumps. In this way, a heating and cooling system called WSHP, from the English language Water Source Heat Pump, was created. On the other hand, photovoltaic panels provide electricity for the operation of the entire air-conditioning system of the facility.
Local heat pumps heat or cool the circulating water that circulates in the main loop, depending on the needs. As a result, internal heat or cold recovery from rooms is realized within the energy balance of the entire building. Thanks to the use of a combined WSHP system and ground earth probes, as well as cooling towers, POSEJDON is able to computationally reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 76% in relation to a building constructed on the basis of traditional technologies. Non-standard technical solutions allowed the investor to obtain huge funding to support environmentally friendly installations.
The entire Posejdon complex is served by 134 different ventilation units, with a total air flow of 770,000 m3/h. Fire ventilation systems, smoke exhaust in garages, corridors and overpressure of staircases, fire atria and lift shafts generate a total air volume of 650,000 m3/h.
It is worth mentioning that although the project was created at a time when no one had heard about the SARS-CoV-2 virus, the design of the air handling units eliminates the possibility of exhaust air penetrating into the supply air stream. The facility meets very strict technical requirements in terms of energy consumption. No wonder that all these engineering efforts of designers made the building the largest NZEB (Nearly-Zero Emission Building) facility recently completed in Poland with low energy consumption and one of the most environmentally friendly facilities in Europe.


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