Preparation of technical documentation in the fields of:

- Household, industrial, technological air conditioning,
- Mechanical ventilation
- Energy recovery,
- Use of renewable energy,
- Smoke protection systems, Overpressure systems,
- Air heating,
- Cooling systems,
- Sanitary systems,
- CFD simulations.

We develop all design phases; concepts, construction projects, detailed designs, costing, tender materials

Expert opinions
  • Expert assessments,
  • Assessment of existing installation systems,
  • Assessment of the energy consumption of the installation,
  • Opinions of  design solutions,
  • Project audits for compliance with building regulations,
  • Advice on the selection of optimal technical solutions with the analysis of investment and operating costs,
  • Studies for the purposes of LEED and BREEAM certificates.
  • Author supervision,
  • Investor supervision - full function of an investor supervision inspector,
  • Help in choosing a contractor company.
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