We are on the market from 1984

The roots of KLIMASTER Bystrzyński Mróz i Wspólnicy date back to 1984. At the beginning we were a team of several people working on common tasks. In 1997, we founded a civil law partnership, which in 2001 we transformed into a general partnership.

We are graduates of the Gdańsk University of Technology, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, specialty ventilation and air conditioning. Skiing, sailing and riding a motorcycle are our passion (apart from inventing the best installation systems). We employ highly qualified engineers after major technical studies, with extensive knowledge and practical experience gained on construction sites in the implementation of many prestigious buildings. We implement projects for all building installations.



Over 642 projects

in highly complex buildings

Projects in our studio are created with the use of the most modern techniques of building information modeling (BIM), constituting the foundation of digital transformation in the architectural and installation industry.
BIM technology builds a virtual, detailed 3D model of the entire building, revolutionizing the way projects are performed, combining design and execution teams.

Computer workstations equipped with specialized software allow for efficient drawing of installations, quick calculations, precise selection of installation elements and effective data editing. This ensures the implementation of designs at the highest level. We have our own printing facilities, allowing for the quick publication of design studies. In the design process, we use the latest achievements of the installation industry, as well as the latest techniques of computer design and calculations.
The company has a quality assurance system based on the ISO 9001 standard.
We also have a Certificate of Technical Reliability, an ennobling distinction, issued by the Chamber of Building Design in Warsaw.
Two of the company's owners are CONSTRUCTION EXPERTS and active designers with unlimited authorizations.

The professionalism of our projects has strengthened our high position on the market, confirmed by the awards we have won.
We won the SILVER EMBLEM in the competition HIGHEST QUALITY IQ 2010.
And in 2019, the highest award in the field of ventilation and air conditioning - Pascal 2019, for innovative technical solutions for installations at the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk.
The year 2021 once again brought us the main prize - Pascal 2021, for the "Posejdon" complex - the largest facility in Poland with low energy consumption in the NZEB (Nearly-Zero Emission Building) standard and one of the most modern buildings in Europe.

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