The fashion for the construction of shopping centers did not spare Gdańsk. Quite unusual, under the name Fashion House, was built on the outskirts of the Tri-City ring road. Instead of a multi-storey gallery-type building, a one-story building with numerous small outlet stores was built, especially crowded by Gdańsk residents at weekends.
On the one hand, the owners of outlet stores paid attention to the lowest possible rental and operating costs, but on the other hand, it was decided to provide comfortable air conditioning in the premises.
Therefore, the WSHP system known from other implementations was designed - local air-conditioning devices, operating in circulating air, supplied with energy from the so-called water loop.
The water in the loop, depending on the season, is kept at a constant temperature of approx. 32°C for summer, and approx. 18°C for winter. The heat dissipation is ensured by cooling towers with sprinkling water supplied from the treatment station and anti-freeze protection for the winter period. The total cooling capacity of the heat pumps in the premises is 1,400 kW, and the global heating and cooling water flow is 64 l/s.
The process water flow through the heat exchanger in the WSHP system pumps is controlled by a special valve as a function of the condensing pressure of the internal cooling circuit, ensuring efficient operation of the device. Each apartment has an electronic heat / cooling meter at the heating and cooling water connection, allowing tenants to individually settle the costs of operating the air-conditioning system.


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